Procurement of discontinued electronic components

Abgekündigte elektronische Komponenten verfügbar machen

We procure discontinued electronic components

It is important to us to take a holistic view of the machines affected in our projects. That\'s why we procure spare parts and components worldwide in order to ensure the continued operation of the machines and systems. Particularly in older industrial systems with a high degree of customization, components are often no longer available directly from the manufacturer. In such cases, we procure the spare parts and electrical sub-components worldwide, often from the USA or Asia. Before we install them, we check their function and repair them if necessary. In this way, retrofit GmbH guarantees the sustainable and cost-effective operation of your system.

Mitarbeiter kontrolliert Laseranlage in Metallbau-Firma

We always find a SOLUTION

Finding a replacement part for an industrial system that is several decades old is not always easy. Not only are the systems often old and spare parts difficult to obtain, the machines are usually also individually adapted to the customer's production. This makes the search for replacement parts even more difficult.

We at retrofit GmbH have specialized in exactly such cases and search globally for the right spare part on all available channels. We don't give up even if we can only procure used or defective parts. In such a case, we put the spare parts through their paces and make them fit again for long-term use in a system. Our aim is always to find the best solution for our customers. There is no way that is too unconventional for us so that you can operate your systems permanently again.

We procure electronic components for your system
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