PLC controls

Repair, procure and replace PLC controls

As long as production runs smoothly, they are neither noticeable nor noticeable, although PLC controls are basically the pacesetters of numerous production processes. Even if their structure is so simple, a lot depends on them and, when combined and combined, they also handle complex control mechanisms. It is all the more important that they carry out their background job reliably, because a defect can have significant consequences for work and production processes.

Anyone who neglects them is abandoned

That\'s why it\'s not only worth keeping an eye on PLC controls at all times, it can even be of fundamental importance. Anyone who neglects the numerous PLC controls in their systems and machines will be left out if they fail due to a defect. As experts in PLC controls, we know when small and simple and increasingly large and complex modules need a professional look in order to remain functional in the long term.

Clean diagnosis, act early

Of course, it is also worthwhile to get us as retrofit GmbH on board at an early stage so that a failure of the PLC controls in your systems and machines does not occur in the first place. We check, analyze, diagnose and evaluate the controls and of course also advise you on a long-term functional strategy. In which cycles can preventive replacement make sense? Which PLC controls may have proven vulnerable and should be replaced early? Are there alternative solutions with a lower risk of failure? We are experts for such questions and would be happy to be your first point of contact.

Get productions back on track quickly

Should a PLC control fail and impair your process flows or completely paralyze them, we have the right solution and, after a well-founded diagnosis, we can get your system running again through replacement or repair. We quickly know whether a repair makes sense or a replacement is the better solution. We do both quickly and with the utmost reliability and always with an eye on what is the best solution for your company, both in an acute emergency and in the long term. If replacement PLC controls are no longer available on the general market, we will find solutions in other ways to keep your financial outlay as low as possible.

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