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An IPC is an industrial PC that is installed in many systems or machines, often in the form of a human-machine interface (HMI). It is something like the brain and heart of an industrial plant. The IPC controls processes and transmits information. Unfortunately, IPCs are not getting any younger, just like the entire system. At some point they will not be serviced by the manufacturer on either the software or hardware side. The lack of maintenance and, above all, the increasing age of the IPC increase the probability of a machine failing. This also increases the financial risk of a complete machine failure significantly. Additionally, there are other risks and issues such as data backup and synchronization that are not covered.

Your situation

  • An IPC installed in an industrial plant is in danger of failing.
  • It is possible that the IPC and system have already failed; purchasing a new system is extremely expensive.
  • A failure and the resulting new procurement result in high downtime costs.
  • However, the machine could continue to be operated with a new IPC and suitable electronic components.

Our solution

  • IPC replacement instead of new purchase
  • Procurement of discontinued components to ensure continued operation
  • Repair of industrial electronics
  • Through IT retrofitting, all software systems and programs in your facility remain untouched; only the hardware is replaced.
  • Your industrial plant can continue to operate safely after an IT retrofit.
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Our references

This is how we saved customers from expensive new investments:

Innenhochdruck-Umformung Schuler

Hydroforming Schuler

Continued operation of an industrial plant despite a defective control PC.
The control PC of a Schuler hydroforming system had failed and the system could no longer be operated. In addition, there was no data backup installed in the system and the risk of data loss was high.

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More data security for a metal processing line

The control PC on a metal processing line was in danger of failing and a hardware dongle license had to be migrated.

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Emergency solutions for a hard disk failure

No emergency solution for a hard disk failure was installed in the THT PCB assembly system. As a result, there was a risk of machine loss, as the data would not have been recoverable in the event of a failure.

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