Replacement of industrial PCs (IPC)

When the IPC of an industrial plant fails

Operators of industrial plants are often faced with the problem that the industrial PCs (IPCs) installed in their production machines are getting older and are therefore no longer maintained by the machine supplier in terms of software and hardware. This increases the likelihood of a failure of the entire machine, because an IPC takes over central tasks in controlling a system. If it fails, the entire production system threatens to fail. This not only causes high downtime costs, but in the worst case scenario can result in an expensive new purchase. To prevent this from happening, we offer an IT retrofit in which we replace the installed IPC with new hardware without interfering with the control software of your system.

This is how an IPC exchange works

1. Feasibility study & risk analysis

At the beginning of every IPC exchange there is always a feasibility study and possibly a risk analysis. In the feasibility study, we check for each system individually whether an IT retrofit with the installed hardware and software is actually feasible and economical. Since almost every industrial plant is unique, special cases and special challenges always arise. That\'s why, after a successful feasibility study, we also create an individual risk analysis in which the particular risks of an IPC replacement for the respective machine are individually considered and recorded.


2. Planning the migration

In this step, we plan the migration and define the workflow in individual process steps. The affected PCs are read out 1:1 and the data, including the operating system, is migrated to modern hardware. In this step, we also take into account all existing interfaces so that the system continues to function 1:1 after the migration.


3. Migration

We carry out the migration exactly according to our meticulous planning. During the migration, the existing software environment is mirrored 1:1 and migrated to new hardware. This means that nothing changes in the software or the machine\'s interfaces, only the hardware is new. This guarantees security and reduces downtime.


4. Qualification

After the migration, we extensively test all critical functions defined in the risk analysis and migration planning so that all important functions are guaranteed in the long term at the end of the qualification.


5. Aftercare

Even after the IT retrofit, we are happy to remain at your side as a reliable partner and provide you with comprehensive support for the preventive maintenance of your industrial IT or for retrofitting your RAID systems.


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