Our self-image

We are there for our customers

retrofit GmbH consists of a highly efficient team of experts and specialists who always work with the times and set the highest standards for themselves and their work. We work according to the most modern standards and regularly educate ourselves in all relevant areas so that we can continue to meet these standards in the future. We work with a variety of solutions and methods and always focus on the greatest possible customer benefit.

Our DNA: We always want the best for our customers

The birth of retrofit GmbH was a disused industrial plant with a defective industrial PC. Neither the manufacturer nor anyone else felt responsible for this defect and the company\'s staff did not feel able to fix the problem themselves. A new purchase worth millions was on the cards. Neither the entire machine nor any of the mechanics was broken, but only the IPC installed in the system.

Ingolf Schatz, today\'s managing director of retrofit GmbH, saw this and could not and did not want to accept that no one saw themselves responsible or in a position to fix this problem. Retrofit GmbH emerged from this situation with the aim of protecting you and your company from exactly such expensive and unnecessary investments.
It is precisely this basic idea that drives us every day and we always want the most efficient and best solution for our customers. At the end of the day, for us it\'s about identifying and implementing efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers in order to avoid extremely expensive new purchases or control retrofits. Because if a machine or system fulfills its task and “only” the computer or the electrical components represent a risk that can be remedied, there is no reason for unnecessary expenditure.

Our promises to you

  1. We create free risk and condition analyzes of systems and machines in the context of their IT hardware and software. There are no obligations associated with this. Travel or other services provided by retrofit GmbH are also free of charge.
  2. When it comes to troubleshooting IT/EDP systems, we generally create fixed-price offers for transparent calculability. This makes it clear in advance what it will cost to restore the functionality of a system, without any unpleasant surprises.
  3. Furthermore, there is a functional promise for the elimination of the fault: If we cannot restore the function or eliminate the fault, you will incur NO costs.