Replacement of industrial PCs and HMIs

Keeping industrial PCs and HMIs permanently in operation

We exchange, repair and upgrade: industrial PCs and HMIs

The industrial PCs installed in your production machines are aging and will therefore no longer be maintained in terms of software and hardware. This makes a failure more likely - with far-reaching consequences for production. We prevent this by replacing the IPC with new hardware without touching the control software.

Small defects, big failures

Often it is comparatively small defects that result in the overall failure of a system. If a display fails, control is no longer possible. We repair the parts and ensure continued reliable operation without having to buy a new and expensive machine.

Prevention for safe production

Anyone who wants to protect themselves permanently sets up systems from the outset that step in in the event of a failure and thus enable production to continue operating, so-called RAID systems. We at retrofit GmbH install RAID systems after precise and extensive testing and implement them according to individual conditions.

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