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Our core product: the IT retrofit

retrofit GmbH deals with the IT retrofit of older machines and systems that are affected or threatened by a failure of the installed PCs, as well as the repair of electronic components and their (re)procurement. An IT retrofit solves failure problems of old Windows or DOS PCs that control a machine or take on recording tasks in order to significantly increase machine availability. We modernize your computer-aided systems and machines so that new purchases can be avoided and existing machines can continue to be operated safely, stably and cost-effectively.

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We can help you in these scenarios

In most cases, the machines themselves are mechanically ready for use, but cannot be operated reliably due to a possible failure of the implemented PC hardware. The alternative is often an extremely expensive new purchase. This loss of production and an expensive new purchase can be avoided by migrating the machine software 1:1 to modern hardware. Not a single bit of the software itself is changed. The machine itself remains completely unaffected and is much more stable and ready for use again.

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We work holistically

If there are other electrical components that are considered critical, we will procure them and/or repair them on a component-by-component basis. We also provide a functional guarantee that covers all processed components of the machine, including the computer.

The advantages are obvious: no operational downtimes, reduction in the risk of failure and savings because no new machine has to be purchased. In addition, data backup can be retrofitted into the new hardware, which solves the problem of synchronization and increases performance significantly. Our service makes an expensive and time-consuming new purchase and a complex control replacement unnecessary. Because we ensure that the systems remain stable, machines and production run for a very long time. In any case, we at retrofit GmbH initially investigate whether a retrofit is feasible. In the positive case, a risk analysis of the system follows and finally a retrofit, at the end of which your systems and machines are restored with new hardware.

With dedicated pharmaceutical systems, GMP-compliant document creation and implementation of IQ/OQ are added for clean GMP documentation, as well as, as with all systems, in-depth follow-up support for the machines and systems. The technical and documentary feasibility has been proven in reference projects with the purpose of sustainably supporting machine operators and leading their “old”, unreliable machines to new stability and safety, and at very low costs.

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