Control boards

Check, repair and replace control boards

quietly and reliably: control boards. As complex as the processes they have to control are, their structure is usually just as complex. To achieve this, their results must be even smoother and keep complex and sometimes complicated production processes running. However, the failure of a control board often has serious consequences. If at all possible, it is therefore important to avoid control board failures.

Professional expertise for control boards

If a control board fails, has a defect or a small malfunction, the consequences are significant, but for the expert such an incident is often a much smaller surprise. As experts for control boards at retrofit GmbH, we have extensive knowledge and experience with control boards and can therefore provide a thorough assessment of how which control boards behave. We check, analyze and diagnose control boards professionally and advise you on the best economic approach for your company.

Repairs are often possible

“A defective control board has to be replaced and that becomes expensive.” This idea may seem obvious, but it is far from correct, because control boards can often be repaired - as long as you have the know-how and experience. We at retrofit GmbH have it. That\'s why we always check first whether a repair of the control boards is an option and carry it out reliably. However, if it turns out that a repair is not an option, we will examine the options for a replacement and procure the new circuit board. Before installation, we will of course check that they are functioning properly.

Prevention for control boards

The failure of a control board can be imminent, and experts often see this too. That\'s why it\'s worth having control boards checked preventatively so that a defect doesn\'t occur in the first place, resulting in a widespread loss of production. Our experienced experts at retrofit GmbH check control boards professionally and thoroughly, give reliable estimates of their service life and advise you on the best course of action for you.

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