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We repair HMI and industrial panels

Screens with integrated or connected controls, usually in the form of industrial PCs (IPCs), are referred to as human-machine interfaces (HMI) and industrial panels. On the one hand, operators can use the devices to enter information into machine and system systems, and on the other hand, they can output measured values or environmental parameters from the system. HMIs and industrial panels are the operator\'s user interface to the machine or system in order to display system states or intervene in a process. This interface mostly works via screens with TFT or LCD monitors. Input takes place via integrated touch functions or mouse and keyboard.

Factory 4.0 concept - View of operation panel and product inspection monitoring display on fence of manufacturing machine

What are Panel PCs?

Panel PCs are part of the human-machine interface (HMI) and combine industrial PCs with monitors to create a device that functions as a user interface. Panel PCs are also called industrial panels.


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How can HMIs and panel PCs be repaired?

As with IPCs, the cause of the fault is the first thing to consider when repairing or replacing an HMI. In the case of a defective HMI, the cause can be both a defective IPC and a failure of the integrated screens or input devices. In the case of built-in screens, the backlight of the display most frequently fails. The display then remains dark, although it is still functional. But the display itself can also be defective. If the display itself still works but no input is possible, the input function may be defective. In most cases, these faults can be rectified by a repair and it is usually advisable to repair the individual parts. However, in the case of integrated devices, i.e. HMIs with IPCs or panel PCs, the repair options for industrial PCs must also be taken into account. Replacing a Siemens or Beckhoff panel, for example, becomes far more complex because the assembly combines several devices or functions in one component.

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What are the advantages of repairing HMIs and panel PCs?

There are advantages to repairing or replacing an HMI:

  • Repair of the display usually possible at low cost
  • Control technology, e.g. PLC, can continue to be operated unchanged
  • No need for interface adaptation or replacement sensors and actuators
  • No reprogramming of software/visualisations
  • Mechanical installation of the panel can be retained

The options of repair or replacement are many times cheaper than a control system conversion or even the procurement of a new system.

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