Industrial electronics: repair before replacement

Industrial electronics repaired, function guaranteed

Industrial electronics are a sensitive player within production systems whose failure has far-reaching consequences for companies. All it takes is a defective converter, a failed PLC control or a control board that is no longer intact and the entire production comes to a standstill. A small failure that looks like a worst case scenario.

But repairing the relevant component is often enough and production can begin again. Such repairs are possible much more often than companies often think - and at significantly lower costs than purchasing a new machine would mean, and also cheaper than replacing the component in question. The time factor is at least as important, as a repair can almost always be carried out much faster than procuring and installing new components, if they are even offered on the market. Especially when it comes to discontinued components, it can be very time-consuming to procure them. Last but not least, repairing instead of replacing also means protecting the environment because resources are not put under unnecessary strain.

That\'s why we at retrofit GmbH have made it our mission to repair industrial electronics wherever possible before we consider replacing them. Based on our experience and thorough expertise, we guarantee the function of the repaired component after a repair and a successful test run. So that you can produce safely.

This is how we proceed when repairing electronic components

At the beginning of every repair, we carefully examine and analyze the defective system so that we can determine with certainty which component has exactly which specific defect. Immediately after the analysis, we can give our customers a reliable assessment of the time and costs involved, which means the cost-benefit ratio can be reliably estimated. This means that customers do not take any risk when actually ordering a repair.

Following this first analysis phase, the actual repair takes place. Here we set no limits to the range of repairable electronic industrial components. Whether it\'s circuit boards, printed circuit boards or mainboards, PLC controls, frequency converters or control panels - we serve the entire extensive range of common and special industrial electronics.

Repair comes before purchasing a new one

Electronic components often cannot be purchased new because they are very old, specific or discontinued. Then what is our principle applies even more: repairing comes before purchasing, because repairing the components is the more sensible and sometimes only solution. Last but not least, a repair almost always means a quicker route to a solution and a resumption of production.

We repair all existing components and completely check the installed electronic components - whether they are electronic boards, frequency converters or other inverters, PLC controls, switch panels, power supplies, voltage converters, chipsets or controllers.

In this way, we guarantee long-term use in machines and systems and, of course, we guarantee the functionality of the components examined.

As retrofit GmbH, we generally work independently of the manufacturer, so that you will always find the right contact person to have your electronics problem solved.

Procurement of components

Even though repairs are always our customers\' first choice for time and cost reasons, they are still not the only path to success. It is equally important for us to procure and install electronic components if this is fundamentally possible. For us as retrofit GmbH, it is of secondary importance whether the required components are still available from the respective manufacturers or have already been discontinued. We have various options around the world to carry out procurement in almost every case.

However, before we initiate the procurement of circuit boards, circuit boards, PLC controls or converters, we check in each individual case whether the cost-benefit ratio is favorable for our customers. If the answer is positive, we will thoroughly check the functionality of the purchased components before installation and, of course, guarantee them.

We are happy to be at your disposal at any time, even in an emergency! Please feel free to contact us.

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