Risk of failure of an industrial plant reduced

Gütler CNC Anlage

Reduced risk of failure of an industrial plant

The initial situation

The control PC of a Güdel CNC precision machining system was in danger of failing and an unknown hardware interface expansion card was installed.

Technical data of the system

Hardware technology:

  • Güdel PMM FCT-2000-7CNC

Software technology:

  • MS-DOS 6.22
  • Windows 98
  • Custom control software

Our solution

Solution approach

  • Hardware migration of all control cards, interfaces and software components to a native Windows 98 SE platform with new parts (no spare parts)
  • Implementation of an industrial SSD RAID array (hard drive mirroring)

Solvent aids

  • Procurement/equipment of interface card
  • Subsequent USB implementation
  • Disk migration
  • Customization Windows 98 SE

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