Continued operation of an industrial plant secured

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Securing the continued operation of an industrial plant

The initial situation

The control PC of a Schuler hydroforming system had failed and the system could no longer be operated. In addition, there was no data backup installed in the system and the risk of data loss was high.

Innenhochdruck-Umformung Schuler

Technical data of the system

Hardware technology:

  • ISA Backplane BP-8S/9S
  • ISA processor card AAeon SBC-558
  • Siemens 6ES7182-0AA01-0XA0
  • Hilscher CIF30-PB
  • ADDI Data PA302 16 SC​

Software technology:

  • MS-DOS 5.0/6.22
  • Siemens Profibus
  • Schuler MS-DOS-Software

Our solution

Solution approach

  • Hardware migration of all control card interfaces and software components to a native MS-DOS platform with new parts (no spare parts)
  • Implementation of industrial SSD RAID array (hard disk mirroring)

Solution tools

  • Hilscher diagnostic cable (CAB-SRV)
  • Hilscher DOS software "ComPro"
  • Data carrier migration
  • Adaptation of MS-DOS driver
  • Procurement of spare parts for expansion cards
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