Emergency solutions for hard disk failure

the initial situation

There was no emergency solution installed in the THT board assembly system in the event of a hard drive failure. This posed a potential loss of the machine as the data would not have been recoverable in the event of a failure.

Technical data of the system

Hardware technology:

  • VME bus system
  • RadiSys EPC-1316 CPU board
  • Motorola MVME 2100
  • RadiSys UIMC III-1
  • Universal VME/SAT INTF ASM

Software technology:

  • IBM OS/2 Warp 4.0
  • IM-Universal-Platform-Software 4.2.2

Our solution

Solution approach

  • Replacement of existing hard drive with RAID hard drive system (mirroring)
  • Current industrial SSD hardware
  • Controller adaptation to IBM OS/2

Solvent aids

  • External RAID retrofit controller
  • Disk migration
  • Disk emulation
  • Procurement of spare parts expansion cards

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